Vintage Video Maker 1.6.0 iPhone and iPod touch

This app will make any of your iPhone videos look like authentic old school movie from the 20's, or like a groovy home video from the 60's.

You can easily assign to your iPhone video one of these effects :
- 20's Movie
- 60's Home Video
- Black & White Video
- Sepia Video
- Sepia Vintage Video

You can add a typical piano music from old silent movies or a sound of the movie projector running.

You can also upload any of your soundtrack from your computer via local Wi-Fi FTP connection.

To make the movie look even more authentic and funnier you can accelerate the video. Or you can slow it down to add more dramatic atmosphere.

For example, we highly recommend to try this combination:
20's Movie Effect + Piano Sound + 2x Times Acceleration. - Any of your videos will turn into a funny fragment from a silent film comedy from the 20's.
We have tried this lots of times with many different videos and every time the resulting video turns out to be extremely funny!

The app is really easy to use - just two or three taps and your vintage movie is ready!

Share your resulting movies with your friends by uploading them to your computer from your iPhone via local FTP connection , or by sending them to YouTube or via E-mail from Camera Roll.

How to upload videos to this app:

- You can easily upload videos from your computer via local Wi-Fi FTP connection.

- You can load one of videos from your Camera Roll or you can instantly make new video from inside the app. You can also upload videos from your computer to your iPhone via local Wi-Fi FTP connection.

Detailed instructions are included inside this app.

Please Note: Your computer and your iPhone must share the same local wi-fi network to transfer files from your computer to your iPhone and back via FTP.