Happy Tree Friends: Slap Happy 1.0 iPhone and iPod touch

HAPPY TREE FRIENDS: SLAP HAPPY is a unique game application that puts your very own cute, cuddly and unsuspecting Happy Tree Friend in the palm of your hand. Inspired by the animated shorts from the cult sensation, Happy Tree Friends; HAPPY TREE FRIENDS: SLAP HAPPY allows you to tease and play with your furry friend, but be sure to keep your little pal safe and out of harm’s way because you never know when crazy things are bound to happen!

The application takes full advantage of the Apple iPhone and iPod touch to extend the different circumstances that Happy Tree Friends characters can experience and that fans have come to love and expect from the series.

Please download the latest version of iTunes, as well as the 2.2 Software update for your iPhone or iPod
touch before downloading HAPPY TREE FRIENDS: SLAP HAPPY. For the most enjoyable experience, restart your unit before playing.