MyPhoneExplorer v1.8.1
Requirements: Android and WinXP+
Overview: MyPhoneExplorer is a powerful phone management software for your Desktop PC.

- sync your phone with Outlook, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Lotus Notes, Tobit David, Windows Contacts, Windows Calendar,...
- manage your SMS, Calllists, Apps, Files...
Connection via WiFi,USB-Cable or Bluetooth.
This is the client which is needed for phone, you'll need also the desktop-software which can be downloaded at

Recent changes:
- critical bug in calendar management fixed

Content rating: Low Maturity

Latest version: 1.0.10 (for all Android versions)

More Info:

Phone Explorer is a powerful File Explorer, FTP Client, Task Manager, Text Editor and Battery safe info. It has functionality of five separated applications: -powerful file management tool with some features like copying, renaming and deleting of files and folders, changing attributes of files and folders, advanced file searching function etc. -FTP client that enables you to exchange data from a your Smartphone to any FTP server or vice versa. It supports operations like copying, renaming and deleting of remote file and folders. -Notepad-like text editor with features like Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Find, Replace, Goto line etc. It has also possibility to save the file in any folder on your Smartphone. -Task manager that enables you to see and stop any task on your Smartphone, including system and hidden tasks. -Battery status viewer enables you to monitor the state of your Smartphone.

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Download Instructions:
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