1 Set the "Log Level" in the Event Log Debug mode
- Making home screen, press ALT + LGLG to watch the Event Log. Options -> Click on the Options menu to
- Set the log level Debug mode (the default version is leaked in this mode)
- back to home screen

2: Now how to get the host name to be added to Areize to connect.
e.g. here the app is e-Mobile Weather, run the app
- Back to home screen, press ALT + LGLG to the Event Log view.
- Pull down a bit, will see a line net.rim.tcp log on as follows: "open tcpsocket://forecastfox.accuweather.com:80"
- Press the ball, to view detailed net.rim.tcp: "open tcpsocket://forecastfox.accuweather.com:80"
So this is what you have to copy to the hosts entry for arieze

3. now return to Arieze
- New
- Enter Name as you would see when you highlight the particular app "e-Mobile Weather"
- enter hosts "forecastfox.accuweather.com" & interface=wifi