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Monday, February 2, 2009

Epocware Handy Blacklist v3.02 S60v3 SymbianOS9 incl Serial

Assalamu'alaikum wr wb

Kemarin lalu ada yang komplain karena aplikasi blacklist disini sudah kadaluarsa sertifikatnya.
Ada juga yang bilang kalau sertifikatnya error..

Sebenarnya ada cara mudah sih buat ngakalinnya, so langsung saja ya simak tips di bawah :

Sertifikat error (error certificate)

If you get certificate error when attempting to install 3rd party software on your S60 3rd Edition smartphone, it means that you haven't enabled installation of unsigned SIS files. Go to Tools -> App. Manager, choose Options -> SettingsSoftware installation to All and Online certif. check to Off.
and set

Terjemahannya kira-kira begini :

Ketika kamu menerima pesan bahwa sertifikat error saat mencoba menginstall software untuk symbian 3rd edition kamu, maka sebetulnya secara tak sengaja kamu belum mengaktifkan instalasi dari unsigned file .sis. Caranya mudah,
Pergi ke tools-->App.Manager lalu pilih options-->setting dan set Software installation ke All, lantas pilih Online certif.check di posisi Off

Nah, sedangkan jika bunyinya certificate has expired bla bla bla, berikut kami sajikan tipsnya :

Some 3rd party applications are signed with certificates which are valid only until specific date. Installing them after that date is normally not possible and results in an error message about expired certificate. You'd have to wait until the developer releases an updated .SIS file signed with new certificate.

However, there is a very simple workaround letting you install the software and use it without any restrictions. The only thing you have to do is to change the date of your mobile phone several months back, install the program and then switch the date back to the correct setting.

Intinya kira-kira begini :

Beberapa part dari aplikasi symbian 3rd edition di signed dengan certificates yang hanya valid sampai tanggal tertentu saja. Menginstall mereka diluar batas tanggal yang telah ditetapkan tidaklah mungkin dilakukan dan hanya akan menghasilkan pesan error tentang sertifikat yang kadaluarsa. Kamu harus menunggu sampai pengembang software mengupdate .sis sign file dengan sertifikat yang baru.

Bagaimanapun sebenarnya ada cara cukup mudah yang bisa dilakukan untuk mengizinkan kamu melakukan proses instalasi tanpa ada batasan apapun. Satu-satunya hal yang harus kamu lakukan adalah mengubah setting tanggal di handphone kamu menjadi lebih lama dari tanggal dan bulan atau bahkan tahun saat proses instalasi tidak berhasil. Lantas barulah kamu menginstall softwarenya. Baru setelah itu kembalikan lagi ke setting tanggal sebenarnya.

Gampang kan?

Bagaimanapun kalau kamu masih merasa tips di atas terlalu rumit, berikut sudah kami sajikan aplikasi blacklist versi 3.02 untuk handphone symbian kamu yang sudah dilengkapi dengan serial produknya. Tapi, dilihat dulu review nya yah... ^ ^

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Handy Blacklist protects your time and peace of mind by keeping undesired calls off your phone. If there is someone you just don’t want to hear from, let Handy Blacklist keep that person off your phone!

2 types of lists with different functions will keep unwanted calls hidden from your eyes. You have one blacklist and one or several Allow lists. Only one list can be activated at the moment.

Blacklist contains numbers you want to be blocked. You can add numbers from recent calls, contact list or just by typing them. If you reject a call manually, the software will propose you to add that number to blacklist automatically! Blocking of Private and Unknown calls is also available.

Allow list contains numbers which will be allowed to receive while others will be rejected. In addition, you can choose a "reject" action to return a prewritten text message back to the caller. A notification of the missed calls appearing in a popup note can be set by user as well.
as well.

NEW!!! Call Forward is an additional "reject" action for Allow list that lets you to forward calls to a preset number.

Timed activation is available for both lists. Floating indicator on the standby screen shows what list is currently activated.

Tracking of the blocked calls is reflected as Log view, from which you can add number to allow list, call that number and send SMS to it.

Customizable Settings make work with Handy Blacklist even easier. You can turn on and off the Active standby indicator, notification of the missed calls, and inquiry for blacklisting the rejected calls, and also set the period of the log duration.

Let only those people you want call you, and set the rest off-limits!

Supported languages:
Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish.

Handy Blacklist protects your time and peace of mind by keeping undesired calls and messages off your phone. If there is someone you just don't want to hear from, let Handy Blacklist keep that person off your phone!

With Handy Blacklist, you can:
  • Add specific phone numbers to prevent them calling and even sending you an SMS! The unwanted calls and messages are blocked immediately. The only way you will notice that person called you is by observing the application call log.
  • If you disconnected a call manually, Handy Blacklist will propose you to add that number automatically! No more talking to unwanted people, save your time and money for those you do want to hear from!
  • Block not only specific phone numbers, but private and unknown numbers as well! If you want to tighten your security even further, this function is right for you. Let only those people you do know call you, and set the rest off-limits!

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Symbian OS S60 3rd & 5th Edition
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Compatible phones
(unless stated otherwise in the program description above)
Nokia E90 Communicator, 3250, 5320 XpressMusic, 5500 Sport, 5700 XpressMusic, 6110 Navigator, 6210 Navigator, 6120/6121 Classic, 6124 Classic, 6220 Classic, 6290, 6650, N71, N73, N75, N76, N77, N78, N79, N80, N81, N82, N85, N91, N92, N93, N93i, N95, N96, N97, E50, E51, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E63, E65, E66, E70, E71, Samsung SGH-i400, i450, i520, i550, i560, G810, L870, i7110, Innov8, 5800 XpressMusic, LG KT610, LG KT615, LG KS10
Handy Blacklist protects your time and piece of mind by keeping undesired calls and messages off your phone. Add specific phone numbers to prevent them calling and even sending you an SMS! The unwanted calls and messages are blocked immediately. The only way you will notice that person called you is by observing the application call log. If you disconnected a call manually, Handy Blacklist will propose you to add that number automatically! No more talking to unwanted people, save your time and money for those you do want to hear from. Block not only specific phone numbers, but private and unknown numbers as well! If you want to tighten your security even further, this function is right for you. Let only those people you do know call you, and set the rest off-limits

Supplied by Delta Fox

Nah, karena salah satu tipe ponsel yang bisa terintegrasi dengan aplikasi ini adalah nokia N73, berikut kami sajikan review ponsel ini. Simak yah...

Nokia N73 Review

Phone rating:

In a nutshell: A high-spec 3G smartphone with a fantastic camera, music player, FM radio, video calling and loads of memory. Compact and lightweight for a Symbian phone, the N73 brings smartphone technology into the mainstream. Early versions of the firmware were problematic, but the latest phones seem to be much more reliable.

The Nokia N73 updates the Nokia N70 3G SmartPhone. The N73 is a lot thinner than the N70 and weighs less as well, making it one of the lightest smartphones. It has a conventional boxy design with a regular keypad very similar to the N70. The keys are a little too small for large fingers to use easily and the joystick can be fiddly too. The display is very large with an amazing 240 x 320 pixel resolution and 262,000 colours. Its one of the best displays on any smartphone.

As well as upgrading the display, Nokia have upgraded the camera in a big way. The N73 sports a 3.2 megapixel camera using the same Carl Zeiss optics and CMOS sensor that made the N70 a powerful imaging device. The camera has a built-in flash, 20x digital zoom, macro mode, plenty of optional settings and a photo editor. It doesn't perform quite as well as the best camera phones from Sony Ericsson, but it significantly outperforms its predecessor and is a very good camera. Video recording is at CIF resolution with a framerate of 15 frames per second. Usefully video can be recorded in either 3GP or MPEG4 formats. A video editor application is included. There's a second inward-facing VGA camera for making video calls.

The N73 is also a great music device. It has a music player that supports a wide range of formats including MP3, WMA and AAC, and also an FM radio with Visual Radio functionality to display information about the artist and track playing. The music player supports playlists and an equalizer lets you adjust sound quality. Sound is through dual stereo speakers or using the stereo headset supplied.

The internal memory has been expanded to 42 Mbytes and there's support for a hot-swapable miniSD card. This will provide bags of room for storing music tracks and videos, making full use of the possibility to record videos of up to 90 minutes in length. Connectivity is via Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0 and infrared. Battery life is very good for a 3G phone.

As always with Series 60 phones, the complexity of the software means that they are usually slow to start, slow when browsing menus, and can be prone to crash. Read through our user reviews below and you will see that the number one complaint about the N73 is the problem of the phone freezing or shutting down, often when receiving a call. This is quite a common complaint in fact, and for this reason we have deducted two stars from our overall rating. A phone that doesn't work is not acceptable, however good it may be when it actually works! You might consider the Sony Ericsson K800i as an alternative, although it's not a Symbian phone. If you want a Nokia, but have been put off the Nseries by this review, you might like the Nokia 6300, which has most of the functionality of the N73, but isn't a Smartphone and is much more reliable and user friendly.

The latest versions of the firmware do seem to be fixing the reliability problems however, and Nokia are very good at making new firmware releases available. The N73 is such a capable phone that you might want to take a risk, particularly as there are now such good offers available on new contracts.

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Features of the Nokia N73 include:

  • Series 60 (3rd Edition) SmartPhone (Symbian version 9.1)
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with CMOS sensor, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, flash and 20x digital zoom
  • Video camera (up to 90 minutes) in MPEG4 or 3GP formats (352 x 288 pixels, 15 frames per second) and 4x digital zoom
  • VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) for video calling
  • Photo editor & video editor application
  • Print photos directly from the phone with PictBridge printer
  • Display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 240 x 320 pixels
  • Stereo music player (MP3/AAC/eAAC/eAAC+/WMA formats) with playlists and equalizer
  • Stereo FM radio with Visual Radio support
  • Voice dialling and commands
  • Push to Talk
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email (SMTP, IMAP4, POP3)
  • Document viewer (Word, Excel, Powerpoint & PDF formats)
  • Java applications
  • Web browser
  • Advanced contacts database with support for multiple device and email details per entry
  • Memory: 42 Mbytes plus miniSD memory card (hot swappable)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, Infrared
  • 3G data transfer (384kbps download)
  • Size: 110 x 49 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 116g
  • Quadband GSM plus 3G (WCDMA)
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 350 hours

Reviewed by liam from Engalnd on 22nd Nov 2006
i love it. it is really nice. i have seen it in a phone shop and it looks gr8! i have the nokia n80 and i love that aswell. the n73 has gr8 cam and fantastic screen(not as good as n80) but it is bigger though. i also love the blue keys and the fact that the side keys light up as well. I also am a gr8 fan of the nokia N series. It is expensive but really its worth it.

Reviewed by Simondo from UK on 21st Nov 2006
This is the worst phone I have ever owned. How anyone gets through a day using this device I'll never know! I've had 2 in the last week - both had the same problems, switching itself off when receiving calls, freezing when answerphone messages are delivered, not allowing outgoing calls. Honestly the list goes on. I was really looking forward to the phone and it's just left me feeling very dissapointed. I now have the Nokia 6233 which so far is an excellent phone. Touch wood.

Reviewed by Rehan from Pakistan on 20th Nov 2006
Finally nokia released a phone having almost all of the modren features that can be found in a phone. The features are simply amazing and useful, main qualities are the huge display with a resolution to match, and the amazing camera. The design is also great and feels good in hand. The stereo sound is also a nice feature. The drawbacks include the difficult to handle and getting used to, joystick. And the most annoying of all the speed of the visual interface. I've used the phone for 2 months and didn't had any problems, except for sometime it gives a memory full error, which should be fixed in a firmware upgrade. Overall its a great multimedia device/phone, if only the performance had been better, it would have made an outstanding phone

Reviewed by Carl from U.K. on 17th Nov 2006
This is quite simply the best phone i have ever had. Prior to this, i had the Sony Ericsson K800i, the difference is amazing. The phone feels like quality, youre not afraid of the shutter opening when you put the phone in your pocket or worrying the phone will be broken when you take it out again. The looks department, no contest. Before the Sony, i had the Samsung Z400 and had got used to the battery life of this phone. The Nokia N73s battery life is excellent for a phone with so many functions and features. If i had to have a complaint, it would be on the flimsy charger, everything else spot on.

Reviewed by Lee from United Kingdom on 16th Nov 2006
Well what can i say.. Since i had to exchange the SE W850i which i personally think doesnt compare to the Nokia N73 in comparison. The thing i was disappointed on with the SE was that it was always the same functions nothing different! Its just too similar to all the other SE models out there. Probably the best SE i have to admit is the W900i which i have, its the dogs!!! Anyways back to the point, i had a fiddle with the N73 and tbh im speechless for words its great phone which has great fuctionalities aswell as a stylish look. The camera just gives it the extra boost 3.2 carl zeiss lens!! i was told that you might get afew bugs here and there but i haven't at all witnessed that yet! i personally think i made the right choice by exchanging the W850i for this! Thank you nokia for a great release!!!

Reviewed by Paul from England on 14th Nov 2006
I have just posted my N73 back. The keys dont work properly, it freezes regularly, sometimes turns its self off when you are receiving a call. The camera is good, but you have to get an sd card(mine was 1gb) and save your pics to it-which I did, only to get an instruction to close some applications as the memory was full. I think Nokia have lost the plot with their new generation of phones. Not sure which phone to get next-I may try a Sony Ericsson

Reviewed by Chuks from UK on 13th Nov 2006
i got this phone going on two weeks now and i have to say its brilliant. its vintage nokia. it has everything i like...a 3.2 megapixel camera, good audio quality....1gb removable memory...and most importantly it has this mature look to it. i have always used nokia phones and when i wanted to get a new phone i was sure i wanted to go with nokia again, but the promotion for the SE W850i was just too much and i was nearly tempted....i said nearly. the one thing that kept coming back to me was that sony ericsson has failed to make their phones look universal...they always look like something u'd get for your kid. secondly it only had a 2mp camera. the N73 on the other hand looks strong, mature and still has the latest in 3g technology. Well done Nokia. keep up the good work.

Reviewed by Sam from England on 11th Nov 2006
I can see that the people who write this phone is excellent have only had this phone for a day or a short while...... I hate this phone. It takes 28seconds (yes I counted) to send a text message. And getting the camera open takes forever! and the whole thing is just so slow. I got told to update it so I downloaded the software and clicked download and nothing happend! So please do the sensible thing and DO NOT buy this phone. You will regret it. :)

Reviewed by Elmar from United Kingdon on 7th Nov 2006
Just got me phone today!!! Outstanding! Had N70 Before and just to say Nokia does a great stuff!!!Well done:) Camera is terrific! More applications.... And phone works perfect!!! Anf if it does work slow it is just because it is a small pc!!! You wouldnt expect to work it fast!!! So guys if you are in to a real phone, N-Series is that what you need:)

Reviewed by Mike Gamble from UK on 7th Nov 2006
This is without question the worst mobile I have ever owned. It constantly refuses to make calls despite having a full signal giving the enigmatic response of "connection error". Are Nokia at all helpful? No of course not. Silly idea. Can't wait to get rid of it. For another Nokia? Not a chance.

Reviewed by rahul from india on 5th Nov 2006
the phone ain't exatly rocking,though its got a good cam its features are not good and it becomes very slow,iteven hangs a lot,but overall a good buy

Reviewed by Goughie from UK on 4th Nov 2006
This phone could be a class bit of kit, easy to use great camera the best video ever and a huge screen to view it all on. BUT my first phone crashed 6 times in 3 days i sent it back and got a replacement which seemed to work fine until it started freezing and crashing. Sometimes the phone would just freeze just for opening the lens cover, and when i tried to scroll through my pics and video it all runs very slowly. Orange tech advised me that as i am 26 days into my contract to get rid of it and get the K800i so i did and at the moment it seems great especially the face warp feature.

Reviewed by colin mason from uk on 3rd Nov 2006
never had so much trouble with a phone befor. in two months i've had 3 n73's all crash when makeing and receiving calls. never again , now useing samsung d900 and happy.

Reviewed by jez from uk on 2nd Nov 2006
great features,like the big screen but would like bigger buttons or smaller biggest gripe though is every time the phone rings it turns it self off,sending it back asap

Reviewed by Jonathan Oxley from UK on 31st Oct 2006
A pretty good offering ffrom Nokia, but I am annoyed many "obvious" features have been dropped from my time served 6230i, such as a timed auto-keylock, graphical smilies, adjustable snooze time on the alarm. It is taking me some time to get used to where to find features: is the clock in Services, Settings, Applications or Tools?? Oh yes, it's in Applications - silly me! The screen and camera are excellent, but the joystick is pretty fiddly and difficult to move rather than activate sometimes. I also have a loose piece of plastic trim sticking out the side of the keyboard and the plastic assembly is pretty creaky to say the least!

Reviewed by amandeep from england on 29th Oct 2006
i had to give this 3 because even though this has a 3.2 mexapixel camera i think its a litle fuzzy and the buttons plus joystick are wierd to use otherwise a good phone

Reviewed by patrol from kuwait on 29th Oct 2006
Always i had nokia phones until N73 I hate it , It just not that phone I wish to own so slow always problems with it even the camera is so poor Quality ( sucks ) pictures the best part of that phone is the larg screen ! i wish i could sell it ..

Reviewed by Shaz from England on 28th Oct 2006
Well Iv used many phones in my life includin 8800 sciroco which is the worst nokia ever this is a even worse version no affence to n e 1 i bought it 3 weeks ago n it crashed on me a week later the joystik messed up so i snt it bak, got another 1 n sme problem but this time it froze snt it bak agen i got a new 1 thought this time its guna impress me but it totaly made me h8 nokia's the camera froze no fast connection its jus a pile of rubbish i think W810i is the best ma advice ppl dnt buy nokia's n e mre get ericson or samsung bst dealers nokia wer godd for old school nt for new generration thnks

Reviewed by Rob from England on 28th Oct 2006
I've had nokia for the last five years and always thought they were brilliant, and not been let down with the N73. I upgraded from the 6230i because i wanted sat nav on it. I bought an ORIGINAL TOM TOM NAVIGATOR 6 software for it and have had no problems except that it drops the bluetooth conection to the gps now and again, but this should be sorted out with the software upgrade that should be coming out soon. This phone is a little slow on start up but i have only have it crash once. This is a well recommended phone.

Reviewed by Amit from UK on 26th Oct 2006
Excellent phone. It did hang thrise in the first 3-4 days but hasnt hung in since I put in the free 64MB miniSD card. I have afetr a month changed it to a 2GB card and love the quality of the music. As for the rest the camera pics are excellent in normal light and okish with flash(indoors), but the video camera is excellent both inside and outside. And yes the keypad is small and I have a big thumb but have never had any issues in pressing the wrong key.

Reviewed by syed kabir from uk on 26th Oct 2006
this fone is nice. my mates have this fone and i played about with theirs. its nice. i dont like the joystick on it tho and its a bit too uncomfortable for me. i went for the sony eric w850i instead. this thing has 3.2 mpix cam. thats the same as k800i. on par with k800. this fone has a menu like the other n series nokias. similar size to k800i but seeing as music is the most important thing in my mobile life i needed a walkman in mine. w850i is good also. my mate said if the w850i had a 3mpix camera it would be better than n73.

Reviewed by DJ from UK on 26th Oct 2006
I had the Nokia N73 for a week and exchanged it. Apart from having a great camera on it, everything was not to my liking. The menu was complicated and slow, lagging. It kept freezing and drop many calls. It was not good. I had the early Nokia phones before camera phones came along and I always thought that Nokia were top class but now not so. I exchanged it for a Samsung D900 which is much better

Reviewed by DWAYNE from ENGLANG on 24th Oct 2006

Reviewed by Tim from England on 24th Oct 2006
I moved away from Nokia the pass couple of phones and now i have the Nokia N73 i don't know why i moved away! What a phone, i managed to get the phone just before i went on holiday and Im glad i did! the picture quality is amazing! loads of features. Is slow to start but once you have mastered the controls and find where everything is its a excellent phone! Highly recommend it.

Reviewed by g from england on 21st Oct 2006
first nokia phone i have had and will be the last, had it about 6 weeks it has been back for repair and with in less than a week of getting it back it is broken again so i am sending it back thinking about trying an lg 400

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 19th Oct 2006
N73- a great looking phone with superb features. Only problems are, takes an age to boot and when you use the 3G mobile TV you cannot hear it through the headset as the volume is SO low. Its ok through the loudspeaker but not through the headphones. Annoying to say the least was looking forward to watching the mobile TV on the train but no can do - cant hear a thing.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 19th Oct 2006
I've had this phone for 3 days now and I've had enough, I'm swapping it! Good bits - Good camera(in the day), loads of features and applications, just falls short of a PDA with its brilliant web browser, good battery life, great looking phone. Bad bits - bad camera for its type (at night), VERY VERY slow when swapping menues especially to the camera, crashed a few times on me (bit embarressing when I'm trying to show my mates my new phone! Overall the software is good but the phone is really under powered so I reckon it just freezes when too much is going on. Could of been a great phone, but its average. :-(

Reviewed by rocky from UK on 19th Oct 2006
have just had to return my 2nd Nokia N73 due to phone constantly freezing when using camera - it's so slow. Even my Nokia 6630 was more reliable than this one. Also very dodgy build with case. Have now changed it for Sony W850i - amazing phone, very happy. Can't think why I didn't dump Nokia's sooner...

Reviewed by gary phillips from uk on 17th Oct 2006
Have just sent back my N73, I only had it for 4 days and it crashed on me 6 times also the menu is too complicated so it was not the phone for me. It looks great and the camera is brilliant but I have replaced it with the K800i and am more than happy,I have given it 3 stars just for the looks and the camera.

Reviewed by sen jay from UK on 15th Oct 2006
This phone is just out of this world. Before purchasing it i read several reviews stating that the phone crashes etc. But i must say my phone has been solid from the word go. When network softwares are installed on to the phone it tends to crash alot.I bought mine sim free from my dealer and it is amazing!!!!

Reviewed by SDB from UK on 15th Oct 2006
i got this fone like 2 months ago..overall its pretty gud..nice camera..bla bla..buttttt whenever u take like more than a few pics at once..the fone seems to freeze and i have to switch it off and back on again which gets pretty frustrating at times..also its kinda big so not much of a girly fone to fit into a handbag or anything.. it has a blue service light which acts more like a WARNING light as its so can light up a room with one flash.. not bad though..but i reckon nokia could have done better

Reviewed by kevin from uk on 14th Oct 2006
I find this phone terribe. the menus are so compicated for me. great camera but gonna take this phone back to orange. To the person below i would suggest the sony ericsson k800i well thats what i will be getting. hope this helps!

Reviewed by brad from UK on 12th Oct 2006
Is it just me, I have had a Nokia N73 for about 17 days now and in the last 4 days the phone either resets itself or freezes, and I have to remove the battery. bluetooth, needs turning off and on agian. Any help would be appreciated, cos I think its time to back to Samsung. Can't seem to find a phone with a great camera and video and MP3 player. Any Help would be nice. Thanks

Reviewed by Graham Kew from UK on 12th Oct 2006
Excellent phone,great camera,nice size and feel,much better then my previous N80.

Reviewed by bigal from UK on 8th Oct 2006
got this phone - great handset. am very please with it. couple of questions: anyone else missing the Muvee Director (make your own movies) as stated in the manual. Also my case creaks a lot on the left hand side when pushed - think this is just a design thing but need to know if others experience it. thanks

Reviewed by baconfoll from UK on 6th Oct 2006
Outstanding, Outstanding, Outstanding!

Reviewed by R.NAVESH from INDIA on 4th Oct 2006

Reviewed by fone-kid from U.K (N.I) on 30th Sep 2006
I WOULD GIVE IT 4 AND A HALF BECAUSE THERE IS ALOT OF TINY THING THAT ANNOYS ME AND IT IS IT TAKES TOO LONBG FOR IT TOO TURN ON AND FOR THE WALLPAPER TO COME UP AND MAYBE ANOTHER ONE! THERE IS 2 MANY STUFF ON IT!!!!! BUT EVERYTHING ELSE BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Nokia N73 is a brilliant phone but is slighty hard to use! So if you dont know alot about phones it will not suit you! If you are getting the phone for camera, entertainment and music i would get the Nokia N73! The Nokia N73 has alot of tools and applications what you truely dont need!The Nokia N73 has a amazing screen and 3.2 megapixel camera! If you want the phone for camera and to simply ring people and text! I would get the k800i (Sony ericsson) Brilliant camera phone and very easy to use! The Samsung D900 is a brilliant camera phone too it is 3 megapixel and is good fro music but it is not as easy to use as the Sony Ericsson K800i!!

Reviewed by SEAN from IRELAND on 30th Sep 2006
Had to really fight with myself to go back to NOKIA after about 6 years with other brands.I,ve had a contract phone since 1995...Best up to now was 2 years with Sony{K700 + W800i...Wife has W810i}....But i have to say that this phone is by far the best phone I,ve ever had!!! Had to fight with O2 to get this as upgrade...they were trying to put me onto K800i.Every contract i,ve had has been with O2 except for one year when i foolishly went to the Three network.I suspect that Romi from London may be on this network...really awful service! Had the N73 for 3 weeks now and it crashed once because i was messing with various applications at once.The phone restarted straight away itself and it has NEVER dropped a call.I can save microsoft documents on my phone,Camera is awesome and has a great flash{not light},mp3 software is brill...songs can be played by artist,album,genre,etc{just like an ipod}Organiser functions are second to none and keypad can be locked using the old fashioned nokia lefthand key and then *......this phone is the best...WELL DONE NOKIA...U HAV FINALLY GOT YOUR ACT TOGETHER!

Reviewed by dgoodguyisback from London, England on 29th Sep 2006
What I like about this phone is its amazing screen. The screen is large and vivid with a TFT display of 262,144 colours and a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The diagonal is a whoping 2.4 inches. The phone also comes with myriads of functionalities and features. This is the best phone yet...

Reviewed by n73 rulz from india on 29th Sep 2006
this phone is just amazing.has got a great sound quality and 3.2 megapixel camera is just out dis world,provides amazin picture quaality.has bought it a week ago and gotta say i am lovin it totally worth it.

Reviewed by Romi from london on 27th Sep 2006
I just bought the N73 after my previous contract had expired. Needless to say, i should've stuck with sony!! I've always been a sony fan and still admire my W800i from the last contract. N73?? well...for starters, its slower than the underground! secondly, it crashes whenever a phone call comes freezez, the screen starts to get black from the right side and it restarts!! now how annoying is that! it means that i have to wait at least 3 minutes before it starts up and call the person trying to call me...well, ok i have 1200 minutes free on the contract so i can afford calling back...but thats not the point!! the point is, that its supposed to be a phone and is acting only like a beeper!! really disappointed...think its the curse due to shifting from last 4 phones have been sony and i shouldve just stuck to it with the K800i....oh well....oh, and did i mention that it gets heated up if u make a long phone call..say about if ur like more than 5 minutes on the phone!!! reminds me of a pc!!! ive learnt my lesson...going to return it and for the rest of my life, i'll stick to macs and sony!!! the music quality and the camera quality is on the better side but nowhere matches the music player and easiness of sony one line...stay away from it!

Reviewed by richard w from uk on 25th Sep 2006
i have had the phone 1week and it went into ofline mode and it would not go back to general mode so i had to send it back but the phone it self was great i bought a 2 gb memery card and it works fine with the nokia pc suite that then copressed my music to a little over 1 mb per song great i have now got 650 songs to keep me busy with loads of extra memery left the keybord is a little small and a little slow but there is always some thing not quite right

Reviewed by michael from england on 23rd Sep 2006
This phone is really good i reccomend everyone to buy this phone.

Reviewed by gcol from England on 23rd Sep 2006
I exchanged a Samsung D900 for the N73 because the D900 took crappy photos. The N73 isn't as asthetically pleasing as the D900 but at least it takes decent photos. As they say, "form is nothing without function". I may have bought a K800i but the camera cover is poor and it's got the famous Sony joystick - the one that lasts about 6 months then starts playing up. So I was really stuck with the N73. So how good is the N73? Pretty good really. Sure there are a few niggles like the software is a little slow, the keypad looks like it belongs on a different phone and I've had trouble on occasion when trying to view photos I've taken. I have to go back to the main screen and re-open the image gallery - not a big problem, but annoying. Why don't Nokia have a repeating message alert like Samsung though? If you put your phone down and someone texts you and you don't hear it, you miss it. With Samsung you can set it to repeat every minute or two if you like then you never miss a text. Enough of the bad, what's good? Well the screen is superb and can even be seen in sunlight. The mp3 player plays tracks very very clearly. The photos are excellent except for a hint of over processing. The voice recorder works well. I like the way you can move applications around to different folders or positions. The battery life is pretty good - lasts about 4 days (I switch it off at night) and charges really fast. Overall I think it's a good all round phone. In the 3mp camera phone sector, you're looking at the N73, K800i and the D900. I can say for sure that the N73 is better than the D900 and that from past Sony experience the N73 is probably going to be better built than the Sony. I only give it 4 stars because it isn't perfect. If you could have the Sony's camera and the Nokia's all round quality in the body of the D900 then that'd be a 5 star phone. Cheers

Reviewed by mark from uk on 21st Sep 2006
this fone is sooooooo good

Reviewed by Martin from England on 21st Sep 2006
Just got the phone on the 3 network as I can use all the features without going bankrupt. I must say the phone is brilliant , it has a real quality about it.It is not a lightweight, but for all its functionality it is not that heavy. The camera cover is so well designed much better than the Nokia N70. As with all smart phones it does crash occasionally,however I will more than put up with this. Thank goodness I didn't go for the Nokia N80.There can't be many better phones on the market than this.

Reviewed by Kevin from England on 20th Sep 2006
This is the best phone i have ever had, the amount of features it packs is quite amazing i've had it for 2 weeks now and am still finding new thins. it has an excellent big and vivid screen, have a great camera which takes beautiful pictures, the sound quality is good, and the build quality is also excellent. the only drawback which comes to mind is the keypad it is quite small and not as easy to use as some other phones, but is not impossible to use, it just could have been better. overall an excellent phone well done nokia.

Reviewed by Colin from U.K on 13th Sep 2006
Got this phone 3 days ago and am very impressed so far, has a nice big screen, its full of features, great call quality, decent mp3 player, those are some of the many great aspects of this phones. The drawbacks are the keypad could have been bigger as it feels quite cramped, they could also have included a memory card with it, apart from that a great overall phone which i am happy to have, considered the K800 but thought that it looked kind of dated and the keypad was much worse than the one on the N73.

Reviewed by Paul Murthwaite from England on 12th Sep 2006
Lovely screen, usual Nokia stuff, but, unfortunately, as with the all other N-series handsets, (And all of Nokia's "Smartphones", it is SO INCREDIBLY SLOW!!!! I always loved Nokias, and now having waited a few years to see if they had inproved the speed of their systems, I am very dissapointed. I have just bought a sim-free K800i to replace it- It got on my nerves so much after one week!

Reviewed by Aaron from England on 12th Sep 2006
I've had my N73 for about 2 weeks now and have to say I am extremely pleased with it. I have always had Nokias, apart from one time I tried the Motorola V3 (big mistake) but I was a little unsure whether to purchase a smartphone for the first time as I had heard a lot of negative comments regarding the Nokia N Series (slow, software problems etc). My sister recently got the N80 which she is pleased with but I found the phone too bulky, slow and the slide mechanism was not great. The N73 on the other hand is much smaller and easier to carry. Photo quality is superb and the range of photo capture/editing options is very impressive. My girlfriend is due a new phone next month and is an avid Samsung user, she hates Nokias. She will be purchasing the D900, but even she is impressed with the quality and range of features the N73 provides. Was considering the N93 but decided against it as it really is just too big! Only drawback of N73 is the lack of Wi-fi, no tv-out & phone does slow up when memory is low, so would definitely recommend purchasing a 1/2GB minSD card to store all your photos/videos to keep the phone memory clear. However, give the guys at Nokia a year/18 months and I'm sure they'll have 30fps video, wi-fi and a 5MP camera within a reasonable size phone. All in all an outstanding mobile. Well Done Nokia, another winner!

Reviewed by Stephen from England on 11th Sep 2006
I was going to get P990i but after hearing that the release date was now being put back to October, and with the fact that my (excellent) K750i was on it's last legs I had to get a new phone and couldn't wait any longer for a product that seems like it is already a year old without being released (Sony please note). I can't stand the feel of the K800i so I decided to look at the N73. I haven't had a Nokia for years so don't know any of the glitches of recent models. As a first time Symbian owner I have to say I'm delighted with my decision to go with N73. Yes it can be a bit slow some time...but what do people expect? Its got an OS stacked full of features!!! The slowness is no where near the claims made on some websites...when it does get slow we are talking "fractions of a second" slow, not "seconds" slow. I read somewhere that this guy claimed it took the N73 over 5 seconds to launch the New SMS menu - either the phone was faulty or the guy didn't know how to use the phone! The camera is awesome, and if you know how to use digital cameras and you don't go for the "automatic" settings you can produce some pictures of real class by configuring the white balance and light sensitivty settings. For me the office applications are great (quickoffice and PDF reader). Browsing is also fantastic. The standard phone features are excellent - call quality is the best I've ever experienced, much better than the almost perfect Sony K750i. One minor gripe..having no auto-lock IS a problem. On my first day I ran the battery right down as the media button had been touched whilst the phone was in my pocket. However you can install a freeware auto-lock application which does the job to good effect. However Nokia should note that this is not really acceptable and this feature should be standard. Still give the phone 5 stars though!!

Reviewed by Phone-Meiester from UK on 11th Sep 2006
I have been using this for just a couple of days now and I have to say I am impressed, but I always expected this to be the case. To be honest, I am anokia devotee and have had the nokia 6230i prevously which simply the most user friendly phone ever made. The N73 being a smart phone was expected to be more complicated but this too is fairly straightforward. The battery life is about two days on moderate use, which is less than I was expecting but more than mnay other similar phones. Screen quality is very good as is the camera which does take some fantastic shots. The flash seems to work fine and does produce decent result in low light conditions but I understand the sony erricsson K800i has the better flash (neon) so would lose out in that area. There is no message counter which is a shame but not too problematic. Sound quality is good for conversations but this would be a problem in noisy conditions e.g. city centre etc. Why they could not put a decent ear speaker in this phone as in other nokia phones is beyond me! Then conversations using the headset produces this background hissing sound which is quite annoying. But quality of the loudspeakers is very good although at high volumes it does sound a bit 'tinny'. Build quality is good and has good feel to the phone. Keys are a bit cramped though although it is something you manage you put up with knowing they have had to give space to the huge screen. Navigation joystick is a bit stiff and not very responsive, I would prefer it to move a bit quicker but still ok. The phone has not crashed once yet and the speed of moving between applications is fairly good for a smartphone. There is a distinct problem with zooming into pictures taken at the highest definition - it says that there is insufficient memory and that I would have to close down other applications to view the pic. I would then have to 'shrink' the photo to be able to zoom into it but you do lose some quality by doing so. All in all, a very good phone, but because sound volume is not that loud and keys are a bit cramped and not very ergonmically designed I would have to deduct one star.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 7th Sep 2006
Great phone. excellent screen, had the D600 previously and this phones tops it in many aspects, better battery life better camara and better MP3player. Does everything i want it to and does it extremely well.

Reviewed by dwytzkrieg from Phils. on 7th Sep 2006
Even with Starbucks makin' use of wi-fi as a marketing move, I still opted for the N73. The N80 is good but when it all boils down to what makes a really good 3G computer phone, the N73 gives more bang for your buck!How? 1.) The auto focus (esp. macro)is great, much more when complemented by the large, vivid screen. 2.) The camera controls are way beyond basic. I can shoot stage play characters without over-exposing their faces (even the T.V.). 3.) Web browser is cool and useful(in our country, 3g service is cheap, no need for wi-fi). 4.) Videos shot in daylight are sharp and crisp. 5.) The dual speakers really provide stereo sound (even without the phones!). 6.) Offline mode and Mass storage mode (no need for the micro sd to undergo the painfully boring PC suite!) 7.) Return of the INFRA and long standing battery! 8.) classic, hassle free design. A few gripes (but being an owner of other N-series phones, it didn't bother me much): 1.) Camera will hang when batt is low (or when your fingers are too fast in switching functions, duh!) 2.) not too rigid lens cover (sooo minor!) 3.) The joystick (similar with the 6020) and keypads (like the 7110s). For short, it's got EVERYTHING!!!

Reviewed by Niki from Bulgaria on 7th Sep 2006
The phone is great. I had it from 1 week and I'm satisfy me. only one problem. the software crashed some times.

Reviewed by Ramesh from India on 7th Sep 2006
This phone really sucks.

Reviewed by hemel from uk on 5th Sep 2006
wickid phone how ever it crashes a lot and is quite slow

Reviewed by Mel from uk on 4th Sep 2006
I have had this phone now for a week and I have to say I am very impressed with it. I think Nokia have released some poor phones recently that have been disappointing but this seems, so far to be up to scratch.The screen is amazing in both size and colour and the camera is fantastic. The mp3 too is also very good (even sounds ok through the mediocre headphones that come with the phone). I had the se w810i which is a fantastic phone (the husbands got it now)and I would say this phone is every bit as good. Its not quite as compact as he se but it feels solid and there is a load more features on it which is probably why its taking me a while to work it out. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by ZooMellonKeeper from UK on 29th Aug 2006
Coming from a K750i the photo quality is clearly not as good on the Nokia, though the video quality is very useable excellent in fact as is the sound record quality (also when transferred onto the pc). I turned down the K800i as I fancied a smart phone, and to be able to use it with GPS and other applications. Screen is lovely loads of space, being a bloke for me the buttons are definitely too small, boot up time is a while but totally acceptable considering what the phones features are, the phone interface is slower but again more than bearable and by no means off-putting. The joystick is firm and again coming from the K750i this one feels like it has a lot more future life in it. Logical menu’s and operation but they go quite deep so will take learning. At the moment the current phones (for me) for consideration were the K800 and this, I made the right decision for me and I am not going to say the Nokia is better than the K800 as it depends on your needs, I am sure the camera quality will be superior on the K800 but for me that is probably the only thing it will have over the Nokia. I’ve given 5 out of 5 due to the fact I was pretty much aware of the N73’s downsides before purchase.

Reviewed by mojo from england on 28th Aug 2006
great phone...bought it for 2 reasons camera and mp3.. and it doesn't disappoint on either. The camera is fantastic with excellent image quality as is the video. Nice set of imaging and editing tools and a great screen to view them on. The mp3 is great too with nice and loud stereo speakers and very good sound through headphones. I found the navigation and layout easy to get used and everything looks great on the large, bright screen. The build quality is very good and the phone looks and feels classy. Sound quality of calls on normal and loudspeaker is excellent. I was going to go for the SE K800I or the SE glad I didn't...GREAT PHONE

Reviewed by Azwandy@wandy from Malaysia on 24th Aug 2006
For me, this phone is the best until now because before this i'm using a nokia 6280 and i'm not really satisfy with it, but it is still OK. my opinion for nokia N73 is, the function was very cool, man! Especially with it's camera. the image captured by it was very fantastic! Im totally satisfied with it. I think the next year my target is Nokia N83. The 5 megapixel phone! WOW! Im waiting for it.

Reviewed by Gilo from UK on 21st Aug 2006
Wow! The navigation stick takes a while to get used to but after that it's fine. Amazing screen, amazing camera, amazing phone!

Reviewed by gazza63 from england on 19th Aug 2006
excellent phone! the camera is superb and music quality also excellent through speakers or headphones(try a bit of Floyd)- the two main reasons i got it.navigation not a problem when u work out what nokia have moved around and centre button nice and easy(after a day of thinking i'd never get used to it and my fingers were obviously too big).battery also seems to be excellent compared to my old 6230i.only downside is it can be slow to start up if u switch it off but that aside would highly recommend!

Reviewed by Dmitry from Ukraine Kiev on 19th Aug 2006
Just got my N73. Very nice phone - a good alternative after my favourite 6630. From bad things - only a little luft on the back slider, all the other is great.

Reviewed by James Payne from United Kingdom on 17th Aug 2006
Very good phone all round. Had about a week now, and have to say my first experience of a Nokia is a good one. Excellent features, great camera & Video capture & playback & damn good looking too. The only thing that prevents me from giving it 5 stars is the fact that, in the booklet ' Getting Started ' that comes with the phone, it says that you can change the profile from General to Silent , by pressing down and holding # whilst in Stand by mode. Well I've tried this, and I'm afraid it doesn't work (well not on mine)I have made enquiries about this, and apparently this appears to of been missed before the final firmware release. Although you can press the power button down & then scroll down to silent, this is very silly, when on all other N Series phones, and other phones I've had, you only had to press 1 button. As this would of been a very handy feature to me due to my job, I knock one star off.

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radwa said...

plz i want to ask u questaion that application handy blacklist that i download is suitable for mobile samsung d900 ? if not plz can u tell me how i can find that application sautiable for my mobile samsung d900 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

Anonymous said...

radwa,is it symbian?

Ipung Afandy said...

apliksai ini sangat efisien banget buat ngeblock panggilan yang tidak kita inginkan. saya sendiri sudah setahun merasakan kenikmatan apliksi ini. kita tinggal mengatur setting list yang bakal kita block. apliksi ini memang lengkap banget. Thanks so much buat pembuat aplikasi ini

Utuh said...

Unknown numbers kok ga berfungsi?.
Masih ada sms dari unknown number yang masuk dihpku nokia e63. Padahal sdh disetting blacklist.

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