Yeti Summer Sports:

Pingu Throw, Orca Slap, Seal Bounce and the brand new and exclusive Penguin's Revenge: all of these are absolutely addictive one-thumb games filled with tons of typical YetiSports humor.

Rediscover the delirious atmosphere of YetiSports inside this multi-games pack.

summer sports
I have so many things to blog about, including a super awesome giveaway [ahem, Lightroom users, come back Thursday!!!] … but alas, the pool calls. Summer is here in South Carolina, and we are embracing it with both very-pale-but-not-for-long arms.

I have missed the feeling of dried chlorine on your skin and sunkissed shoulders. I can’t believe that last summer at this time, I was floating around with a big ole belly. And now, she’s here … floating around in a baby boat while big sister floats around in a tube.

This is the summer Emma will learn to swim. I can feel it. I have her signed up for community swimming lessons, so … we’ll see how it goes. Poor thing is not a fan of water in her face, so this might be a challenge. We’ve already practically drowned Lucy in the bathtub so she won’t have this fear … and so far, she’s a water baby!
Yesterday the weather was unbelievable sunny and warm, most of the day. We are talking 80's! It seems often in my corner, either spring is only here for a short time or we miss it all together and go from winter to summer.
A good boast to wake up some of the flowers after a long winter.
Soon a corner of our garden will look like this! Well, I should say I hope after a long cold winter, I'm never sure what will make it or not.

I hope nature is waking up in your corner.

Have a golden day my friends!

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt