Attack of the FanBoys v1.52 Full
Requirements: Android
Overview: Arcade game similar to Call of Duty Nazi Zombies or Black Ops Dead Ops Arcade. Use your weapons and upgrades to fend off the ravenous fanboys as they take out their rage on you, a humble Android fan.

***please see footnotes for device specific information***
Fight your way through endless waves of zombie fanboys using a variety of weapons including a flamethrower, grenades, and machine guns.
Find stores that sell upgrades like full metal jacket as the zombies get faster and stronger each wave.
Upgrade your gun when you need some serious zombie smashing firepower.
Compete with your friends using OpenFeint and see who can shoot the most zombie domes.
-Dual joystick controls
-Real time game play
-Save game and resume later
*Galaxy S phones need Android 2.2 or later to play.
*Does not work on Nexus One and other devices that don't support proper multitouch.
*This game is resource intensive. If you are experiencing poor game play, try free up some memory by deleting apps or moving them to your SD card.

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