Your goal is to fire the cannon and make sure your cat flies as far as possible. Watch out for dangerous arrows, which will stop your cat. Also, trampolines and dynamites give you additional speed.

* Fun
* Easy to play
* Saves high score

I thought I would re-post because I *L-O-V-E* Sanrio and Japan! I am so happy the peeps in charge of Hello Kitty + her kawaii friends are contributing to the Japan relief efforts! It really makes me happy that Sanrio has been taking action — it just further sustains my love for Sanrio and keeps me a fan forever!
Are you thinking — why two sets!? One is *obviously* for my collection — but this set is so cute that I want to share the cuteness with some of my friends! If I was super-rich, I would totally buy one complete set per friend I plan on giving it to… But I would be so broke if I did that! $___$

Yes, I am crazy… But it’s pretty clear by my blog, isn’t it!? @____@
I am still sad about the current state of crisis in Japan. While browsing through the photos section on TIME (my fave photojournalism spot online) I came across this image with Kitty-chan and I seriously got teary eyed. :’(